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Welcome to the shop tour. The tour is short as it is a small shop! My shop is basically the front portion of a one car garage, so it shares the space with the family mini van. It is important for machinery in my shop to be portable and mobile so I can move it around the shop. The Shop is still evolving and will see more changes soon with new equipment.

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This is the table saw and woods storage area. The Table Saw is a Delta contractors saw, Incra 1000SE miter guage and T-2 Fence.



Tool Storage Cabinets and Craftsman Benchtop Drill Press


New Router Set Up

I recently became disenchanted with my router table set up. Being a fan of the Router Workshop I decided to go with the very simple but extremely versatile Oak Park router table and cabinet. I kept my DW 625 router for the router and I like it even better in this table. I modified the design and added drawers for storage and mounted the external switch that was used on my previous table.




Incra Set Up




This is the mini lathe area. The lathe is a PSI Pro Turncrafter. Great little mini lathe for pens and other small turnings.



Mobile Bench


Mini Router Table

This is my mini router table. I built this around the Bosch Colt palm router. This little router is a real little work horse at 1 HP and variable speed. I mounted it to an Oak Park 7 inch plate and made a small cabinet for it. This is a perfect second router table and it stores in the bottom of the big router table cabinet. This table is perfect for box making... and the router will handle all the dados, rabbets, chamfers and edge treatments I use in while making boxes.




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